Thursday, 16 January 2014

LC:M A/W 14 // Tuesday Highlights!

Another day of LC:M and even more shows for everyone to enjoy, after the joys of Monday everyone seemed super excited to see what Tuesday was going to deliver! Apologies for lateness but with illness and interning theres less time for my blog

// JW Anderson // 


These have to be my fave three of all the JW Anderson looks, I wasn't as sold on the collection as a whole but I LOVE these they're just so bright and interesting. JW Anderson interests me so much mainly because of how far he seems to push the boundaries of menswear and although sometimes it might be too much for some people it's cool to see that played with.

// Alexander McQueen // 


McQueen is always going to be something interesting and I think this is definitely one of my more liked McQueen shows. I think it's got a lot of what Lee had before he passed, it's quite dark and there seems a lot of depth to the collection, although I do love the pink tartan and just the flashes of gold in there to totally switch it up too!

// Kit Neale // 

Kit Neale always serves something fun and playful and that's what I love about fashion, having fun with garments everything not being too serious. Colour is obviously a way to win with me and this hits that all over, I also love how Kit takes inspiration from places in London almost trying to capture the little areas and communities. 

LCM has definitely delivered some brilliant things and I know Wednesday has just as many brilliant collections!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

LC:M A/W '14 // Monday Hightlights!

So LC:M started with a bang on Monday opening with some incredible shows. A day full of Lou Dalton, Astrid Anderson, Topman Design, Hardy Amies, Jonathan Saunders, MAN, Lee Roach and Richard Nicoll. A few of which definitely caught my attention! 

// Astrid Anderson //


The majority of the Astrid show I liked and thought was interesting but the main look to capture my attention had to be this bright blue. If any highstreet labels choose to take anything from LC:M I sure hope it's this colour! I also love how the blue looks over the top of this white which seems to be the perfect way to dress it.

// MAN // 


I was lucky enough to be a part of the MAN show and dress for Bobby Abley, hence picking the two models I dressed. For me Bobby Abley delivered what I thought was such an interesting collection, clearly inspired by Sleeping Beauty and the queen that is Maleficent his collection was definitely a dark fantasy. One of the main things I love about the collection is the fabrics used and how wearable they are!  


Craig Green another member of the MAN trio presented an equally interesting collection, a mixture of dark layering and colourful explosions it was such a special sight. Personally I prefer the darker all black looks but I think Craig Green managed this duality and a balance well, neither of the lights/darks overpower each other and also work together well.

// Richard Nicoll // 


I also LOVED some of these pieces from Richard Nicoll! The red jacket has to be one of my favourite pieces from the whole colletion, I also love the floral blue jacket pattern but the blue again coming through in another collection. Richard Nicoll ended his show with some brightly coloured ruffled shirts, all three of which are brilliant! 

These are my favourite looks from the Monday shows but I have to say Monday was clearly a brilliant start to open the LC:M shows with. I'd probably have to say my favourite of all the shows was the MAN show, Craig Green and Bobby Abley were just spectacular!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

LC:M Monday!!

Sadly I've been massively busy what with Christmas and starting my internship, but more excitedly I think what we're all excited about to start 2014 with. I'll definitely be posting some of my favourite images from London! 

What's everyone else excited for though?! There's so amny different collections to be shown we'll all have to wait and see whats going to come. For a full schedule look // here //

Be prepared for a mass aray of posting though! 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

12 Shoes // 12 Lovers

Scrolling through the internet sometimes can be a massively huge waste of time, until you find something that stands out and catches your eye and this is exactly what I found when I came across

Being such an unsual project as it is, Sebastian Errazuriz looks at his past relationships and women creating something brilliant with his past as a concept. What I love is the way each shoe captures a certain characteristic of a person or their connection to you and he brings that to to a completely different point and makes a shoe as if to define her or a time by a shoe. 


I think this is a brilliant example of how people can mix art and fashion, creating such a diverse massively conceptual idea but then it being produced to make a wearable work of art. Obviously not all fashion is art and vise versa but 12 shoes makes you question where does the line lie here? Is this fashion or art? 

They way each shoe's presented with a line or passage about the girl it's meant to represent and their something about their relationship or even sex they'd had it just captures so many different women at different stages of their lives.



Another massively brilliant thing about this project is the fact of  with certain shoes 'Gold Digger', 'Ice Queen' or 'Heart Breaker' Sebastian may not be looking back on a good time or a poistive person although the imagery he choosed to create is still massively wonderful and seems positive. If you don't know the back story then they still seem beautiful and I think it'd be so easy for him to perhaps create something visually negative but he doesn't he just holds onto a good part and stays positive.



Twelve Shoes for Twelve Lovers is definitely a massively interesting project, perhaps now as an art subject but possibly highlighting a special DIY element; shoes for mood or individual shoes who capture just you. It's almost like someone having you analysed and then creating the perfect shoe for you?

 All I wish is that we had more shoes out there like these and some for guys too, I think the fact this has come from a guy is an interesting topic too proving how men can break that cold emotionless stereotype. Sadly the shoes aren't avaliable to view in England right now but are on show in Miami December 6th til Jan 6th if anyone happens to be able to check them out!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Style // Hangover Dressing

So while scrolling through different fashion stories and articles everywhere I stumbled across this hidden gem 'How to master the art of hangover dressing" the idea of which made me laugh // here //. Although I though I'd definitely more qualified to talk about the art of 'hangover dressing', which seems to be how people describe my style. 

1) Wear whatever especially if it doesn't match if there's ever a moment you shouldn't give a shit it's right now. I'd say go bold, bright and sparkly that's always a winner. 

2) Comfortable's also key, if its oversized and baggy or could be mistaken for pjarmas you're genereally on the right track. 

3) Sunglasses are your bestfriend right now, hide last nights bags and the minimal remnants of last nights make up. 

4) Prepare yourself for any event - you can either end up sitting over a toilet seat, doing the walk of shame or potentially heading out again that night.

5) Fuck jewellery, I'm not a massive fan of accesories at the best of times but when you're hungover that's the last thing you wanna be fucking on with. 

6) Always carry more make up, chance are in a drunken state you're going to smear it everywhere and it'll definitely need reapplying. 

7) Always have a back up plan for your hair, perhaps a hat and just serve some Isabella Blow inspired glamour. 

Basically the main theme of hangover dressing is don't give a shit, you're hungover what anyone has to say is probably annoying and will make you irritable. You're tired, feel ill and most likely need to locate a toilet or pin incase you have a turn for the worst, so just work with what you've got and have fun being proud of the mess you are.

If all else fails do a Patsy and Eddie, blag it and call it fashion darling.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas // Dream Wish List

With today being the first of December I had a conversation with my dad over a few final gifts to be sent down in time for Christmas especially since I wouldn't be spending Christmas with my family this year! After finding a few small things I thought what if money wasn't an option, what if I could literally have anything what would I choose?!

I thought I'd create my ten dream christmas items, some are still affordable and in my grasp and some not so much! We all have dreams anyway! 

I LOVE Katie Eary, one of my favourite things about LC:M every season is looking at what she's going to show and this Katie Eary X Clique top is not only bright and wonderful but also super affordable! (I can 90% positively say I'm going to treat myself to this)

With Sibling revealing their collab with Topman I have to say I'm surprised I think they've made some interesting wearable winter pieces, especially this jumper. Also avaliable in black, for some reason I prefer this more which isn't like me at all. 

I think this shirt is absolutely beautiful, it'd be amazing to open on christmas and who wouldn't be happy with a McQ shirt?! Sadly as this is a dream list this is definitely just a wild piece of fantasy for me. 

Gold and shoes I mean who doesn't love gold or shoes?! Sadly I am so bad for buying shoes and if I'm totally honest I don't think it's even fair for me to possibly justify buying another pair of shoes for a long while! 

Obviously at £845 there's a reason this is a dream wish list, I'd kill to have it but I can't well unless I find a very rich fashion santa to bring me Saint Laurent. Sadly I don't think this is a thing so I'll just have to sit and admire from a far! But let's be honest if this was ever mine to possess I'd be amazingly happy!  

As Christmas is coming I hope everyones got everything sorted for family and friends, if any of mine are readingt his here's a guideline of what I want! (joking not joking) It's definitely nice to dream, but as a student I'll keep dreaming! Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year though and I can't wait to sit and watch Christmas films while it's cold outside.

Kardashians // LaChapelle Christmas

So this may perhaps be the biggest waste of money I've seen in a long time but the Kardashians had their 'Christmas card' shot by David LaChapelle. Now if you think anything like I do you'll agree this is the stupidest idea ever, not the art of it just the fact its shot for a Christmas cad but I guess if you're a Kardashian you've got to do it bigger than anyone?

Personally I love the idea of it all, it's just a shame the massively expensive 250k photo is only to add to the ego fest which is the Kardashian franchise. Although the whole thing is a massively annoying stunt in my eyes you have to admire LaChapelle and his work. 

Perhaps it's just me being synical and hating everything or as I'd say being me, I just think it's a massively annoying expensive waste and just an ego trip of what I think of as America's most annoying family. Although it is interesting to see David LaChapelle working with them, buy that could just be for promotion and money honestly if you were given the chance you wouldn't say no. But what worries my the most is do people actually like this and these people?!