Monday, 3 June 2013

GFW//Day One Pt. 3

FINALLY I get to talk about the Istituto Marangoni show!
Now deffinitely not a show to be missed is probably the best way to describe it, a show with so much talent it's unbelievable. 

One of my personal favourites was Karen Shechori, her work instantly popped to me as something really interesting and especially with her work being based around the human body and respitory systems. What I absolutely love about this outfit is just the detail on the 'inner lungs' shall we say, I think the pattern is just incredible and it's beautiful. It also really helps highlight exactly how complex it is in reality too!

Another favourite came from Paola Quintero, I loved how her work plays around with shapes and texture. Her collection was something I saw and thought really stood out from a lot of the work on show, her use of classic black and gold was something I really thought worked perfectly together.
I think she's really created something which has both a luxury and really relaxed feel at the same time which is something I really love! 

My other notible mentions have to be: 

Laura Stoeckl - I loved how vibrant her work was and how she really captured feelings and emotions and turned it into something which completely resonated her idea of youth out there!

Juliana Siqueira - Her whole collection really showed her ideas with having a "Sharp Dressed Man" and really did present this to us all, also having black with hints of colour in there was really interesting. It didn't take away from the outfits and the presentation was amazing. 

Nicolas Wirth - His work showed such a dialogue which had a great flow into all of his collection, he really knew exactly what he was doing and it showed. His use of patter and colours to reflect journey and growth were something to die for creating some visually amazing pieces.

The Istituto Marangoini show was something really special, the calibur of work was so high and they really showed how to put on a show, I found it so hard to find favourites because there was so much! I heard so much possitive feedback about their show which shows it wasn't only me thinking the same!

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